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Leisha McGrath

Organisational Psychologist + Coach

I take the rigour of Organisational Psychology and apply it in a user-friendly and bespoke way for all my clients.
My Coaching approach means I work collaboratively with organisations, teams and individuals to support them in becoming
the best version of themselves.

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Organisational Psychology

I take a practical approach to organisational psychology, translating the robust science and academia into accessible solutions that are useful and tailored for optimum financial rewards.

Typical projects include the full suite of talent management engagements, organisational and culture design, strategy development and change management.

I recognise that organisations function better when they are set up to flow with ease when they have selected the best people, and managed to retain and excite them sufficiently so that they operate to their maximum contribution. 

Is your organisation set up for maximum success?

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Real success comes when your professional growth aligns with personal development. I create a tailored coaching approach to empower you or your team – shaped by your needs and built around a relationship of trust and respect.

I work with executives, teams and organisations to co-create individually tailored solutions to create positive, permanent shifts with an emphasis on development, partnering with people on an experiential, motivational journey that can be fun, yet challenging, but always worthwhile. 

My philosophy is that change and growth will only occur when people are ready. You drive your agenda. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?



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My Clients

I work across a broad spectrum of organisations in the healthcare, digital, financial, medical, hospitality and banking industries.