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Psychometric Testing

I have a strong belief in the value psychometric testing brings to a whole host of client engagements – attracting the right talent, coaching and developing these people, team building, and organisational development.

A data-led approach opens up a whole new landscape of conversation where the possible becomes tangible, and honest and robust feedback becomes available. This leads to informed decisions, strategic people investments, and ultimately happier staff and bottom line financial gains..

I only work with robust and independently verified tests that include personality assessments, ability testing and emotional intelligence measures.

Typically, these tests are used for:

  • Assessment centres – for job role selection

  • Development centres – to inform development plans

  • Succession planning 

  • High potential programmes 

Psychometrics take the guesswork out of critical business decisions. They help to develop self-awareness and drive sensible outcomes.

These tests are administered and shared in a user-friendly, jargon free-way. The result is that clients feel supported and empowered by this added source of information.

If you require scientific data to help inform your people decisions, get in touch:

Leisha has been Bridgespan’s Occupational Psychologist since 2013. During this time she has worked with us in a variety of projects including leadership selection; executive development and coaching; and career coaching. 

She is qualified to use all the leading psychometric profiling instruments, which allows her to deliver assessments that meet client preferences. Adept at feedback, she also works with Bridgespan to design and deliver development centres for senior executives. She is great to work with and always meets deadlines demanded by clients. I hope she’ll continue to work with us for many years to come’    
— Michael Stirling, Bridgespan

Leisha McGrath & Associates offer a range of expert and accredited psychometric services. These services have been invaluable for the selection, executive coaching and leadership & team development work I do with my clients. These services are layered with Leisha’s strong professional expertise and business experience which further enhance the benefits of working with Leisha McGrath & Associates.
— Margaret Masterson, Strategic HR Consultant & Coach, Masterson HR Consultancy