Now is the time to build fluid Organisations, and here's why

Fluid organisations.jpeg

Hands up who regularly sees people working away at their local coffee shop? Concurrently, the rise in demand for temporary office space keep going up and up. And I keep hearing about Professional Services Firms who are having a harder and harder time of getting their People to commit to a Partner track requiring long hours and high levels of organisational commitment).

I was with a Client recently who had run focus groups with 18-20 year olds and they told this (well established, global software company) that they would not be using email, that they would like to work on short term projects only, to get rotated between offices, and to get their instructions for work in whatsapp videos from their Boss, with the videos being no longer than 6-8 minutes in duration.

Across many, many aspects of our traditional society, we are starting to heave off the shackles of “how it’s always been done”, and the world of work is not immune to this trend.

Businesses that bury their heads in the sand and who plan to keep working the way they’ve always done, with hierarchies and rigid role descriptions will lose out. For this way of working is no longer the ideal. Work needs to be a part of life. Employees need to be bought in at the hearts and minds level and empowered to deliver work of an oustanding nature because they care, not because they are forced to work 9-5.

As we see more and more organisations profit positively from trialing the 4 day work week, the smarter organisations out there are taking note. I’m working with several organisations who have torn up the rule book and who have really challenged themselves to re-create how they get the job done, for the benefit of all involved.

This is not a trend that business can choose to ignore. The time is NOW to re-design, re-energise and re-define your businesss, your work and how it fits in your employees lives.