Why I love Poisitive Psychology - Martin Seligman/ TED

Martin Seligman, Joy.jpg

Just the term “Positive" Psychology” draws me in. I love that we have moved away from the disease model of Psychology, where we saw people as broken and to be fixed and now many of us work off the premise of - “What is working? Let’s do more of that”.

While I have long been acquainted with the joy of Martin Seligman’s work - I played this video recently in a workshop I was running, and forgot how lovely it is to hear this theory for the first time. Martin Seligman is seen as being the Father of this Positive Psychology movement, and what he has to say - based on loads of empirical evidence - makes a lot of sense.

So have a watch/listen here - even if you’ve seen it/ heard it all before! He is worth revisiting or finding anew.