When we leave/move jobs - what skills are we taking with us?


In a professional group I was in recently, there was a conversation around what we are actually bringing with us, when we leave an organisation or indeed move roles within the same business. The image of “suitcases” came up and I thought it was a really helpful image, to help conjure up the fact that we have learned so much and take so much with us when we move or change roles.

Quite often though, really seeing this can be eclipsed by fear. Fears like “What the hell am I doing”? “What if they don’t like me” ? “What do I actually know anyway” Etc Etc! And while these are all totally normal fears in transition, they are also potenially paralysing thought patterns, if they don’t go unchecked.

So if you are planning a move, while it is important to work through your personal fears, it is also really important to focus on all the things you bring in your - very heavy - suitcases with you too. Things like:

- Your network - Your industry knowledge - Your passion and commitment - Your organisational know how - Your client/sales experience - Your new ideas - Your……(fill in some things that are personal to you here!)

So if you’d like to make a move but feel paralysed, or if you have made a move and feel stuck still, have a think about your suitcases and all you bring, and hopefully knowing what you bring and what you have, will help move you towards where you really want to be.