What would happen if we dropped the word " Busy"?

busy 2.jpeg

“Are you busy” – is often the first thing I’m asked when I meet someone. It seems we wear our “busyness” like some sort of badge of honour. Society of course wants us to be busy – so caught up in the doing, that we don’t give ourselves time to think. Our behaviour is reactive, we succumb easier to marketing, to messaging, to whoever shouts the loudest.

We become of course too, lost. Lost to ourselves. Unable to design the lives we really want to live, because we are so caught up being busy doing. Doing the things that oftentimes others want us to do.

I see it time and time again in my practice. Clients who don’t know how to think anymore. Don’t know who they are or what they stand for. Oftentimes they don’t know what their passion is, what nourishes them, what makes them feel alive. They’re with me of course because something is amiss. They know that much. But in the world of busy that we are all expected to inhabit, this disconnection has become so real.

So, what would happen if we all collectively agreed to stop worshipping at the altar of busy? What would happen if we embraced calmness, rest, measured and reasoned decisions, taken with a clear mind?

We all know the calibre of our thinking would improve and therefore the calibre of our decisions. Do you know too that your health would improve? Switching off the constant flight or fight mode that most of us live in, will enable our nervous systems to relax and recuperate. Recover even. Sleep again. Imagine!

Some of the most famous eureka moments came when people were no longer thinking about them. The brain needs time to rest. To process. To be at ease.

So, let’s decide to design our own lives again. The way we want them to be?

Let’s agree to step away from busy, and more towards happiness and contentment.

Who’s with me?