Let's celebrate!!

Let's celebrate.jpeg

Just putting it out there - but I honestly don’t think we celebrate our successes enough!

We live in a harried society, that values the notion of busyness and so often I see my clients, striving and succeeding with goal after goal, with no pause, no self or public praise - and no celebration!

If however we don’t have a pause or an ending in between each goal set and goal achievement, if we don’t celebrate and acknowledge our work and our value - and that of others -we become trapped in a never ending cycle of busyness, that doesn’t allow us to internalise our successes and to build and learn from our experiences. Taking this pause though, ending one phase/project/plan before embarking on the next does allow us to learn. Does allow us to build resilience. Does allow us to feel happiness and to internalise the experience - the good and the bad.

So the next time you achieve something - no matter how large or small - make a point of having a ( perhaps in proportion) celebration. Teach your kids, your colleagues, your team to do the same. Life is so rich and fun and challenging, but if we are always running to the next thing wthout tasting the success of our present moment achievements, then we are really missing out.