Why the most important relationship you can have is with yourself

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In this “month of love” we can be tempted to focus on romantic relationships, but in fact the most important relationship we can have is with ourselves.

For some this can be a radical idea! For many generations the idea of self- care was seen as selfish and we were taught to give of ourselves freely. To show others love. And while of course there is huge merit in this as a practice, what I often see with my clients is people who have perhaps over-spent of themselves, and not held enough back.

So, there is an invitation this month to sit back and think of the things you can do - daily - to fill your own cup. It could be starting your day with breath work/meditation/ exercise, or simply running a bath with your favourite bath oils, or buying yourself your favourite tea or biscuits. Spending time in nature and journaling are other ways that we can tune into ourselves to determine how we feel in the moment. But it is important that you tune into whatever it is that personally works for you.

Learning how to notice the signs within yourselves of when the “water levels are rising” or you feel depleted are so important. Our worlds are often hectic and demanding and we can be tempted to live in this outer world of others, often to the detriment of our inner world.

So as rates of stress, burnout and mental health increase, please seek to perpetuate this notion of daily check-ins, with your family and work colleagues. A little and often is a great way to build resilience, self-awareness and a greater sense of authentic love and fulfillment for the world we are in.