New Year. What will you do?

New Year 1.jpg

Happy 2019. I hope it is the year that you make and realise great goals that take you closer to what your version of success currently looks like.

Because you see that’s the thing. Success, and what it means to you can be a fluid thing. And it should be. It should also be a deeply personal thing, and not a version of what you think others think you ought to do!

In my coaching practice, I meet so many people living inauthentic lives. They have been the good little boy or girl in school, college, the workplace, constantly striving for the next thing, and achieving the next logical goal that others seemed to want them to achieve. Never once, they say, did they question what they themselves actually wanted. And they are not alone. The esteemed Gabor Mate said on twitter recently, and I paraphrase, “ that today’s model students, are the future adults with anxiety disorders”, and I couldn’t agree more.

So this year, stop trying to fit in a box. Take your head out of what you think others think you ought to do, and take some time to be creative and inquisitive, even playful about what success actually means to you. And then, most importantly, give yourself the permission to go after what it is that truly makes your heart sing. And have fun!

Leisha McGrath