The benefits for Organisations who appropriately support Women on Maternity Leave

DCU recently presented their findings on research carried out in relation to the experiences of Maternity leave, whereby they interviewed Mothers, Managers and Organisations.

Dr Yseult Freeney explains, “Our research shows that maternity leave forms a critical juncture for many women in their careers. The transition back to work is laden with challenges that can lead to career derailment when the return is not managed effectively. Fuelling this are views of maternity leave as a major disruption rather than a brief interlude, which can be conscious or unconscious. Managers who take a longer term view often signal greater support to returners who, as a result, feel more valued and are far more likely to positively reintegrate into the organisation. Ultimately, positive returns are associated with a renewed focus on careers and a strengthened relationship with the organisation.”

Clearly then, those organisations who manage Maternity leave in a positive way will get more from a satisified returner, which will ultimately benefit the organisation as a whole.  Not rocket science then - but great to see the research confirming what common sense perhaps already tells us......

Now,where is the queue of organisations lining up to learn how to manage their Maternity leave processes more effectively.....?!

Leisha McGrath