Recommended Podcast - Cultivating Higher Leadership Consciousness

SUCH a fantastic podcast! In this faster than ever changing world, it is simply not possible to keep up to date on the WHAT we know, so we need instead to focus on HOW WE ARE BEING.

Essential listening for anyone seeking to develop continuously as a Leader

Cultivating Higher Leadership Consciousness

Leaders today are floundering – they can’t keep up with the pace of change and the demands on them often seem overwhelming. So what are the capacities that will allow them to lead effectively and how do we help them grow those skills?

In this deep dive into the essential aptitudes of modern leadership, adult development expert Jennifer Garvey Berger explains the self-authoring stage of mind that most leaders are at, and how to help them transition to the self-transforming stage that their organisations (and the world) need them to grow into.

Leisha McGrath