Reciprocal Mentoring - HBR - Men do not need to "rescue" Women

As the #metoo movement shows no signs of slowing down, I was really interested to read this Harvard Business Review article by Brad Johnson and David Smith, and the really real effects this movement, amongst other factors is having on how Men are perceiving their role of Mentor to Women. While the stats show the myriad positives that emerge for Women who have been appropriately mentored by a male colleague, it is not the role of the Man to "rescue" her. Neither  - assuming we are dealing with two honest professionals - should there be a need for fear.

The article goes on to highlight some characteristics of an effective Mentoring relationship and highlights the reciprocal nature of the arrangement when it is done right.

Have you had any experience in this space to date? I'd be delighted to hear from you in the comments below.


Leisha McGrath