Coach's Casebook

Work has been so busy and my diary has been filled with so many client facing delivery dates of late, such that I had forgotten the joys of taking some time - during a work day even! - to sit and read, and regroup and think a little!

So I found THIS book a real treat, when I did manage to carve out some time recently.

Geoff Watts and Kim Morgan take us through a number of common occuring themes which many of us as Coaches will see in our clients, and with real life examples and insights from their own supervision, they bring us on a practical and insightful journey into how they have helped their clients overcome said challenges.

The book is designed to be read through, or  you can dip into a specific chapter for insights on such themes as Imposter Syndrome, People Pleasing, Procrastination, Performance Anxiety, Dealing with Loss amongst many others.



Have a read and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Leisha McGrathComment