How to take a break this Christmas

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At arguably the busiest time of year, it can be easy to feel worse rather than better after the Christmas break…..but here are some tips which may personallNOresonate and facilitate you to rev into 2019 feeling rested and energised for a powerful year ahead!

While we know that a strong part of building and maintaing our resilience involves building a quality and meaningful social network, at this time of year we can all feel pressure to over extend ourselves.

As someone who has recovered from three years of chronic fatigue where I was inherently bedbound for 70% of the time, here are some personal lessons about how to conserve energy and build resilience, that I learned.

- Be majorly selective about what you say YES to, and don’t be afraid to say NO. Two options - if it feels good to go/do then go right ahead. If it doesn’t, then politely decline. And no explanation needed!

- Build in at least two moments in every day where you deliberately value yourself. This could be a walk in the trees or running a bath. It could be calling a best friend, or writing in your journal, drinking your favourite tea. So often I meet clients that don’t know what the things are that fill their cup - I know I was the same before my illness. But it is critical that we know how to replenish ourselves. No one else can do that for us.

- Learn to value rest. Naps if they speak to you, but at least pauses between activities. No need to rush from the afternoon to the evening event without taking a breather. Cut one or the other short, or text ahead that you are running a few minutes late. Learning to pause and to check in with ourselves and not feel the need to be freneticlally busy all othe time is a powerful and effective lesson to learn.

-Start the day well. Journal, meditate, breath, juice. Or all of the above. Drink gallons of water and bring snacks and juices with you if you are eating on the run, rather than having to rely on nutrition-less food stored in plastic.

- Laugh, smile, move and feel grateful. Really engage with where you are and who you are with. Being selective about who you spend time with pays off dividends. Only hang out with people who know how marvellous you really are. Smile politely and move away from those that don’t. Children and their wondrous take on magic can be particularly compelling company this time of year!

- A big learning for me was the need to minimise over stimulating my system with tv/books/noise/people……and to learn to spend time minimising the inputs and instead maximising the outputs with activities such as journaling/singing/nature walks/ laughing/ meditating…..This made a huge difference to the quality of energy that I now enjoy and how resilient I am at managing the day to day stresses, particulaly at this beautiful but crazy time of year.