“I am more equipped for my role and can add more value in that capacity because of that. Additionally I am able to manage my team more effectively and so get more from them in terms of output and value. I am more focussed on the strategic aspect of my role and how carving out specific time for that will benefit me more than working on items I should be delegating.
— Finance Director, Technology Company
The longer term results include a greater sense of purpose and confidence, as well as developing a practical toolkit to help achieve both long- and short-term goals. While the sessions are usually challenging – and sometimes uncomfortably so – the net result is the self-realisation which has been beneficial in both professional and personal life
— CEO Servecentric


I am passionate about the role coaching plays in supporting my clients to fully develop and become the best they can be – whether the coaching agenda is work or life centred. 

Each coaching programme is individually tailored to suit the need presented.

I typically coach in the following spaces:

  • Business coaching for those facing a particular challenge in work.

  • Executive coaching for those developing in Leadership positions.

  • Team coaching – for teams who need to learn to work in more harmony together.

  • Maternity coaching – for those about to take maternity leave, on maternity leave or seeking to return to work after leave.

  • Life coaching – for those seeking to work out issues not limited to a work-based context.

Depending on the ask, I may use performance or psychometric data to anchor the coaching focus.

Every session is 100% confidential. If the engagement comes through an organisation for a member of staff, we agree what high-level topics to cover, when and how frequently to meet, and report on these details only. 

The specific content of coaching sessions is strictly classified. Coaching only works if the power is given to the coaching relationship, and this can only be achieved through trust and mutual respect.

Coaching is a dynamic process for change, with you in the driver seat. If you’re ready for change, get in touch: