Talent Acquisition and Testing Services

  1. Recruitment – Both Single and Volume Campaigns

At McGrath & Assoc. we know how critically important it is to get the right people into your organisation. And we know how hard this can be at times. The cost of a wrong hire is estimated at being 150 – 300% of salary. That is not to mention the stress and disruption which accompanies such an error. So why take the risk?

Our skilled Consultants have years of experience in managing full recruitment campaigns, and will be happy to manage all aspects of your recruitment for you. Our menu of recruitment services are outlined below and you can choose some or all of the following options as best fit your requirements:

    • Working with you to define the technical and behavioural requirements for the role/s
    • Tailoring bespoke messaging around the opening/s
    • Advertising and shortlisting of candidates after careful screening of them
    • Designing a tailored interview and where required psychometric assessment process. Psychometric and Testing Services
    • Taking detailed reference checks
    • Providing your new starters with a clear on-boarding plan Onboarding
    • Supporting you, our client in integrating them seamlessly into your business, ensuring that they can begin to be a productive member of your workforce as soon as possible.

2. Psychometric and Work Based Testing – Assessment Centres

Should you be happy to manage the wider recruitment process yourselves, and simply be looking for expert advice in terms of assessing your candidates, then McGrath & Assoc. will be only too delighted to help.

As with our recruitment offering, we have a suite of services which can be availed of with regard to testing services. Typically testing will involve the use of psychometrics, and/or the use of work-based testing exercises.

By incorporating objective testing into your selection process, you will be provided with a set of benchmarked, legally defensible, scientific data on which to make your critical selection decisions. Such a strategy is effective both when assessing external candidates for a new role and when assessing internal candidates for promotion.

Selection processes may include some or all of the following:

  • Partnering with you to articulate a role and person specification
  • Reaching agreement on relevant competencies and associated competency matrix. These may be crafted from scratch, edited or included from an existing framework as appropriate
  • Tailoring the selection, administration, scoring and reporting of some or all of the following instruments
    • Personality questionnaire
    • Motivation questionnaire
    • Cognitive ability tests – verbal, numerical, abstract
    • Emotional Intelligence questionnaire
  • Individually selecting, administering, scoring and reporting of some or all of the following
    • Work sample exercises
    • In tray exercises
    • Management exercises
    • Commercial exercises
  • Working with you to agree the design and roll out of a Biographical interview
  • Designing and rolling out a bespoke Competency based interview
  • Providing you the client with a comprehensive report, which benchamrks each candidate’s performance against the organisational role needs
  • Working with both candidates and clients in the provision of personalised and applicable feedback

Whatever specific activities are involved in your selection process you will be assured of receiving jargon free feedback, which will make sense to you in your particular business language. Candidates too can receive feedback and this can help form the induction and development plans for the successful candidates, as well as help to develop self- awareness and development ideas for those not successful on this occasion

Please Note: McGrath & Assoc. also regularly design and run Development Centres. These are similar to Assessment Centres, but the data is used to assess for potential to further progress in the organisation over time, rather than for a specific and immediate role. Development Centres