We are passionate about coaching and about the role it has in supporting our clients to fully develop into the best they can be in their given role. We tailor each of our assignments individually, and work with clients at all stages of their career, from new Managers, CEOs, Government officials and Teams, to new Mothers on maternity leave, and others seeking to explore wider life issues . Depending on the need, we may make use of performance and/or psychometric data to anchor the coaching’s focus.

Having had an initial “chemistry test” meeting, we would typically meet our clients every two weeks, for an agreed number of sessions, typically six or more. Our first session kicks off with us agreeing a Joint Agenda, and it this document which will serve as our focus for the sessions. At McGrath & Assoc. we know that the unexpected can arise, and that one effect may mask an as yet unnamed cause, and so we respond fluidly and sensitively within each session. The Joint Agenda then is not a rigid document but serves merely as a guide on the journey.

All of our sessions are 100% confidential. If the engagement is through an organisation for a member of their Staff, we will agree at a high level what the topics are to be covered, when and how frequently we will meet, and we will report then on these details only. In line with ethical standards, the content of the sessions will never however be discussed or disclosed.

The following types of Coaching services are available:

  • Business Coaching – for those facing a particular challenge in work
  • Executive Coaching – for those developing in Leadership positions
  • Team Coaching – for teams who need to learn to work in more harmony together
  • Maternity Coaching – for those going on maternity leave, on maternity leave and/ or seeking to return to work
  • Life Coaching – for those seeking to work out issues not limited to a work based context